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Custom Face Masks


Industry’s Lowest Prices on Double Ply, Machine Washable, Pima Cotton Pleated Masks 
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Single Ply = Negative Protection = Big Trouble

Single Ply Masks have been proven to provide ZERO effectiveness in limiting the transmission of air borne viruses.  In fact, several new studies have shown wearing a single ply mask may actually increase your susceptibility to a virus. You are getting zero protection from a single ply mask and are increasing the amount of contact between your hands and face.  Insist on Double-Ply Cotton.


Unknown Supplier = Unreliable = Big Trouble

In a crisis situation you need to partner with suppliers you can trust.  Suppliers you know will stand behind what they say, provide a quality product, and deliver on time. Putting your faith in an unknown supplier at a time like this may cost your customer valuable time getting the protective gear they need and ultimately put your reputation at risk.

3 Warning Signs You May be Dealing With the Wrong Supplier

Dye Sublimation Printing = Polyester = Big Trouble

Dye sublimation masks by definition can only be made from polyester material.  

Cotton Masks are nearly 450% more effective at trapping particles than polyester. Though they look very pretty, they are actually putting your clients in danger.  It is not worth the risk.  FABRIKO can digitally print your full color logo on cotton. The end product is just as nice and protects your customer from unnecessary risk.

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